Best Wedding Dinner Ever

Granted, the wedding meal category isn’t known for culinary delights, though Mombo certainly outpaces all of the others. It was good enough to prompt us to return for a dinner not related to an event with a large group of people who have to be served all at the very same time.

The salad was lightly dressed and lovely to look at. The desserts were also works of art and if it wasn’t gauche to do so, I would have scooped entire platters of them onto my little plate. Good thing I only had a little plate or some might have gone without.

The building is small enough to be comfortable and cozy, though not cramped. It is off one of the main streets in Portsmouth, so might be missed by some. That would be a mistake. Don’t miss this wonderful little place. I will be there again soon.

Trip Advisor – 2.10.14, Coquille8